flow patterns prototype exploratorium 2013
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Brainstormer, prototyper, designer, builder. Focused on creating experiments and products to answer the question at hand. Experienced in delivering technically complex prototypes. Strong advocate for collaborating, teaching, and learning throughout the design process.

Professional practice with the Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces

Available for contract work.  Clients include RuthWorks SF, LeeBuild, and more.

Resume (summer 2013)

Portfolio coming soon

Fall 2016 - Skid Row Outreach Cart, Mark 1, for C3: Co-designed with LeeBuild.  (Los Angeles, CA)

Fall 2016 - Pier Piling Pivot @ Exploratorium: Builder.

Fall 2016 - Spontaneous Synchronization exhibit prototype.

Summer 2016 - Resilient Neighborhoods participant.

Spring 2016 - Sound Commons Living Innovation Zone: Design/Build Lead on Chime Line, Xylophones. (Civic Center, San Francisco)

Fall 2015 - Buchanan Mall Activation:  Design/Build Lead for temporary structures throughout park.  I had an amazing volunteer team.  More pictures.

Spring 2015 - Ciencia Publica Agua:  Design/Build Lead for Watering Plants and Rain Gauge exhibits. (Buena Vista Horace Mann School, San Francisco)

9/17/14 - Explo TV piece on We Make The Treasure.  Worked with Paul to conceptualize and create the platform and crane for this project.

5/8/14 - Lazy susan design for Zeus' Wagon Wheel.  (Fine Woodworking writeup by Lee)

4/21/14 - Crane prototype for Paul Ramirez Jonas' upcoming installation

1/14/14 - Bubble ship prototype with Aarti Anturkar for Paul Ramirez Jonas' upcoming installation

10/28/13 - Living Innovation Zone: Design/Build Lead on Listening Vessels and Musical Bench (SFGate SF Examiner SF Sentinel Archtect's Newspaper Architect Magazine Gehl Architects)

4/17/13 - 
Remote Rain in NOAA Research article